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Joseph was the first born son of Rachel, Israel’s favorite wife; she had been barren for many years before she had Joseph. She later had Benjamin and died while just after he was born so Israel only had two sons with Rachel and he loved them dearly. Israel or Jacob as he was formerly known before the Lord changed his name to Israel loved Joseph so much that he made him a coat or tunic of many colours. The coat was very beautiful, it was unique, it was very special, it was a gift from father to son that Joseph had not solicited for, he had not asked his father for the gift but his father gave it to him out of his love for him. Joseph’s brothers were not happy about Joseph receiving this gift from their father so they resented him for the favor that he had with their father. As if that was not enough, Joseph was a dreamer, another gift from God that he had not asked for. God showed him his future and his destiny through dreams and he shared these with his brothers and they hated him even more because his dreams spoke of his greatness and elevation to a position of authority. People will hate you because of gifts that God has given you that you did not ask for. Favor with God can cause you to have enemies who may just see a glimpse of the brightness of your destiny.